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Get Ready to Upgrade Your Ride with the Afreda S6 Electric Bike

Get ready to upgrade your daily commute or leisure ride with the Afreda S6 electric bike. With its powerful and quiet electric motor, three-wheel stability, and convenient foldable design, the Afreda S6 is the perfect blend of form and function.

  • Three-wheel design for stability which Provides added safety and stability

  • Foldable design for convenience Allows for easy storage and transportation

  • Electric motor for easy riding Provides a smooth and quiet ride

Extreme Sports Bike
Extreme Sports Bike
Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

Instant Folding

Regular e-bikes can be a hassle to fold
Alfreda S6 can be folded instantly in just one step
Rear wheel keeps bike balanced while folded
Takes up little space when folded


Trikes are inherently stable
Alfreda S6 has innovative tilt feature in suspension system
Can handle high-speed and tight radius turns safely

Balance Mode Switching

Articulated quad suspension system offers freedom in free ride mode
Locked suspension system is safe for self-driving mode
Versatile bike in both modes


Front wheels have impressive vertical swing
Exceptional shock absorption capabilities
Can easily overcome obstacles and adapt to any road condition


Alfreda S6’s advanced suspension system makes cornering easy
Stable and provides grip on any surface

Brake System

Traditional brakes on trikes have limitations
Alfreda S6 has specialized balance hydraulic disc brake system
Effective in preventing dangerous tilt during turns.